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We have Apps for school projects, learning aids, visual presentations, lesson plans and more under the categories below.

We also provide study guides, lesson plans, self-help kits, online tutorials and school-wide projects you can put to use today. Our methods are designed to improve everything from teacher and student performance to the sense of community in your school.

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Learn how to develop a caring community within your school and classroom. How to encourage the development of good character. How to improve your students performance & enhance the performance of everyone at your school.

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Make a stand against violence. Show your schools commitment to this effort to eliminate violence and join SAVINZ (Schools Against Violence In New Zealand) today. You will be supplied with a pack of resources to help your school.

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Want to know how to grow vegetable at your school? This is a nation-wide group to help schools grow vegetables, support & involve their community, show students of all ages how to grow food and work with your community to help the needy.

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Popular Resources

Edukits provides strategies for school-wide projects to improve attendance and ensure children get a complete education academically and also prepared for life.

Our kits can show you how to reduce truancy; eliminate bullying; create mentoring systems; and improve teacher performance.

Our lessons and guide teach how to discover learning styles; How to solve problems; How to set and reach goals; How to be more successful; How to learn the basics of Mathematics and English.

Follow the menu at the top of each page to browse our kits by clicking on a link from the list below.


Provides guidelines for schools on mentoring between teachers and staff to increase teacher retention and enhance faculty cooperation and team-work.

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Gives teachers a refreshing look at teaching skills with guidelines to developing qualities and methods to enrich and help the teaching and administration processes.

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This kit will gives you guidelines you can access & print to help eliminate all forms of bullying from within your grounds and within your local community.

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Designed to help you teach students of all ages the importance of protecting our environment and developing a healthy life-style.

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Resources for combating truancy in your school, increasing attendance and also setting up a community truant-free zone.

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Shows how to learn and develop key competencies, goal setting and self study as part of their learning skills.

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How to teach to different learning styles? Identify everyone's optimum learning style and how this can be used to teach and to learn with greater success.

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This pack supplies your students with information on how to choose a healthy life style & live so that they can remain healthy & happy.

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Provide you with lesson plans, everyday circumstances and aids for the basics of Mathematics for your students.

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To help all schools to implement strategies to deal with and eliminate all forms of disruptive behaviour by students.

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How to take a closer look at your life, develop and understand your values system, set goals, succeed and enjoy life to its fullest.

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Provide you with lesson plans, everyday circumstances and aids for the basics of English for your students.

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A kit created to give teachers additional insights to help with day to day tasks, handling disruptive behaviour, helping other teachers, and solving problems.

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Teaching all the basics from cleanliness and health to shopping and making friends.

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Helping students learn the basics of the values outlined in the new curriculum plus look at & develop their own.

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Students of all ages will be show how to discover who they really are, and how they can get on in life and get on with other people regardless of their background.

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Find out new ways to take control of your classroom, gain more attentiveness from students and more confidence for yourself.

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Form a closer partnership with your community and discover new ways for staff to support one another. Learn the essentials of team work, goal setting and more.

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