Actions and Consequences Pack

A guide for life

Everyones actions has a good or bad result

Let's face it, we have an increase in youth crime, bullying, fatalities on our roads, binge drinking, substance abuse and general disobedience and disregard for others, youth need to know that everything they do has consequences.

"Actions and Consequences" has been created to help all schools provide guides to show students of all ages that all their actions, good and bad, have consequences. This kit will also provide your students on easy to follow guides to learn and study easier. Putting onto your Library or internal network will provide this information without extra work from teachers or use as examples in their lesson plans.

Download this pack so that you can read, copy and print all the learning resources for distribution among your staff and for use within your school. The folders in the file can also be placed on a school network or internal library so students can access the lessons on their devices. Rare opportunity: One price gives you the rights to copy completely and use without your school.

The kit includes:

All topics are provided in Microsoft Word, PDF and web browser formats for ease of viewing and printing from any operating system and devices for all your teachers and students.

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