Teachers Aid

Resource Kit to help teachers

Guides and tools to make teaching easier

Teachers Aid is a resource developed in NZ to help make teaching easier and faster. This is not an Aide but a kit to aid you in your work. It contains resources to help all teachers get through the day with less stress and build upon existing talents.

This new compilation can be downloaded today and will provide teachers with a refreshing look at teaching skills and guidelines to aid in the development of fundamental qualities to enrich your teaching and administration processes.

Some guidelines in the "Teachers Aid" include:

EXTRA SPECIAL: For this week only ... A complete copy of the e-book "Teachers Coach" in PDF for your device!

All notes on these subjects in the kit are viewed using your web browser (Chrome, Safari, IE, etc), and is also in Word and PDF format (for viewing from any system - PC or Mac or handheld) to make printing and using easier for your staff at work or at home.

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