Working Together

Schools and Communities Working Together

USUALLY $90 but due to the effects on our communities due to COVID it is reduced to just $63 for a short time.

"Many have been financially and/or mentally effected by Covid and I have no doubt that these effects will be felt in the months to come. I feel this is this best time to make this kit more affordable so that schools can access and use its resources to make the connections between our schools, students and our communities more caring, cooperative and resilient." Stuart Macmillan (EDUKITS CEO)

Provided in one easy file download, the All-4-One programme is ideal for all teachers and staff and for students of all ages.

This resource is designed to help your school form a closer partnership with your local community and discover new ways for staff to support one another and for students to learn the essentials of team work, citizenship, ethics, building character, goal setting and cooperation.

Your school is an integral part of your community and it is also a community within itself. This package is designed to help your students to learn the importance of co-operation and team work and show you how your school can pull together internally, support one another and strengthen its ties with the community through consultation and esprit de corps.

The All-4-One resource is not about forcing moral codes onto others in any sense of the term but it provides guidelines on how all individuals within your school can learn how to work together and help each other at the same time as developing relationships that are productive and supportive of the objectives of your school, your teachers and your students.

Every individual is a part of another group made up of other individuals. A child is a part of a family. A students is a part of a class. A class is a part of a school and a school is a part of a community. This resource discusses the relationships between individuals (students, parents, teachers, staff) and the groups that they are a part of and how each of these parts can work together more effectively and also improve the progress of the individual and achieve the collective goals and desires of each group.

The kits extensive guidelines:

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