Being Ardent About Life

Personal Development Kit

The ARDENT Programme

Being Ardent about Life teaches you how to implement the ARDENT personal development programme into your life. You will be shown how to take a closer look at your life, develop and understand your values system, set goals, succeed and enjoy life to its fullest.

If you are saying to yourself...

"I want to succeed in life."
"I would like more money."
"I want to make more friends."
"I want to be the best that I can be."
"I want to find meaning in my life."
"I want to find true love."
"I want to be happy."
"I want to be able to help other" ... then this programme is for you!

Whether you are a student or a teacher, unemployed or an executive, young or old, this book is for you. Let me guide you through the steps that will show you how to be enthusiastic (ardent) about life and therefore be more happier and more successful that you already are. Learn how to live your life to its fullest and build yourself into the type of person everyone want to be friends with.

"I have used these steps to build a successful business, live a happy life and quit smoking in a single day nearly two years ago (without medication or any cravings!)" Stuart Macmillan - Author of this book.

ARDENT, by definition means, "passionate, full of enthusiasm, eager, zealous, fervent, ardour (an eagerness or passion)."

PART 1: The ARDENT Programme:

The six steps of the acronym of the ARDENT Programme that you will be taken through will show you how to...

PART 2: Additional Resources:

All notes on these subjects in the kit and are in HTML, Microsoft Word format and PDF (for viewing from any system - PC or Mac or handheld) to make printing and using easier at work at home or on-the-go.

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