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School Solutions

School Solutions: This kit is designed and created to give teachers additional insights to help with day to day tasks, handling disruptive behaviour, helping other teachers, and solving problems. These guides will also go further by showing how you can develop a caring community within your school and in the classroom and encourage students to want to be there, feel safe and make their school a place they are proud to be at.

You will be shown how to develop your school core values; involve your students more in classroom and school projects and equally importantly, make your teaching day easier and more pleasant. The problem solving section is based on proven methods used by business and systems analysts that can be applied to all situations.


All the contents of this kits are presented as if they are an offline website. Viewable from any computer, device or handheld. You could even add them to your personal cloud (such as your Gmail account) and access them anytime and anywhere for reference. Chapter titles include:

  • GOALS - Goal setting and planning skills
  • COMMUNICATIONS - Enhancing your communication skills
  • STRESS - Overcoming Stress and using it to your advantage
  • CONFIDENCE - Rebuilding Confidence and Recovering Self-Esteem
  • TIME - Time Management Skills
  • PROBLEM SOLVING - Getting to the root of the matter using analysis techniques
  • MENTORING - Creating a Teacher Mentoring Environment and Network
  • VALUES - Developing the core values for your school
  • CONDUCT - Creating a Code of Conduct
  • GANGS - Eliminating gang-mentality at school
  • BEHAVIOUR - Dealing with Disruptions
  • REFERENCES - Online references and resources

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