Dynamic Learning Styles

Unlock true potential

Help your students learn quicker and more.

Recent Comments: "All students should be taught this...it should be mandatory.", "They should include this in teacher training." and "I have seen it in another school and think it will be great for us."

The purpose of Dynamic Learning Styles (DLS) is to provide teachers and students with the skills needed to enhance the ability to teach and to learn.

Every one has a special way in which they can optimise the way they learn. This programme will help to identify each persons optimum learning style and how this can be used to teach and to learn with greater success.

Students are asking to be able to learn in the style they want to learn. This is their perfect chance to learn how without extra work from teachers!

Not only that but we will present you with ground-breaking methods to help your students learn more, pay greater attention in class and improve their grades!

Provided in 2 files under the one purchase, this programme is designed to help teachers to ensure that every child learns and provides students with methods to ensure that they learn and retain what they are taught.

The methods and guidelines contained in this programme can be applied to every subject and every situation. Each topic is available in Word, PDF and viewing from a web browser on any computer or even hand held devices from the kit so they can be viewed and followed easily and/or printed and distributed to all students in your class. Learning styles training for students are also provided in interactive PowerPoint presentations to help them learn.

Content in the "DLS" download file include 2 folders. One for teacher resources and the other for student material. You can give your students and teachers access to these on your network:

Folder 1 for the Teachers.

Folder 2 for the Students.

All topics in the students folder are covered in three separate sections for catering to the needs of all students regardless of age or learning level: Beginners (Ages 7 to 10), Intermediate (Ages 11 to 14) and Advanced (Ages 15 and up).

All notes on these subjects in the kit and are in HTML, Microsoft Word format and PDF (for viewing from any system - PC or Mac or handheld) to make printing and using easier for your staff at work or at home.

This comprehensive pack with rights to copy and use throughout your school.

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