Dealing with Disruptive Behaviour

School Resource Kit

For teachers

A complete kit of resources and guides to help you to implement strategies to deal with and eliminate all forms of disruptive behaviour by students. Order and download today for your laptop, PC or other device.

With guidelines on how to discipline those students that are a constant annoyance to teachers and other students so that they will want to behave in future and also a complete set of anti-bullying resources for your school.

Some guidelines in the download file include:

Additional Teachers Resources now also included...

Bullying, disruptive and violent behaviour is not to be tolerated!

Let's end student and class disruptions in all forms and make our schools a safe place for our children to learn and grow.

All notes on these subjects in the kit and are in HTML, Microsoft Word format and PDF (for viewing from any system - PC or Mac or handheld) to make printing and using easier for your staff at work or at home.

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