Basic English

Lessons and Guides

For Teachers and Students

This Kit provides the basics of English for your students. Made in NZ for NZ schools.

With the introduction of "txt language" used on mobiles and social networks many children are finding it hard to get it right when it comes to composing understandable sentences. This resource will provide your students with all the basics of English as used in New Zealand, Australia and England.

They will be shown how to construct simple and complex sentences and how to understand what all the words are that they are using and if they are correct for the message they want to put across.

Let's get the language of our children and their word use correct so everyone will be able to understand their spoken and written communications.

Suitable for all levels of teaching, primary to secondary.

Contents include:

All resources are presented in Word, PDF and web-browser format for ease of use and printing from any operating system (PC or Mac).

Use this resource in a classroom situation or copy the separate student tutorials to your school network or library computers.

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