Fitting In

The guide to life for students

Fitting in ... to the class and the world

Too often we see children and young people that don't seem to have any direction in life. Some don't appear to know how to get on with other people in a pro-social capacity or even understand that there is another point of view to their own.

In this programme, students of all ages will be show how to discover who they really are, and how they can get on in life and get on with other people regardless of their cultural or social background by developing pro-social life, learning and communication skills.

It is divided into 3 sections for all age levels: Primary, Intermediate and Secondary.

If there is anything kids need to learn when leaving the nest of their home environment, it is the skills contained in this resource. Purchase a copy for your school and you can make it available in your school library or internal network for self-study or use the resources in your classrooms.

Provided in one download, some guidelines in the "Fitting In" resource include:

View a few examples

These topics are presented in webpage and document formats and Colourful presentations helping students learn how to use visualisation to help them retain what they learn a lot easier.

All pages are advertisement-free and can be viewed and printed from any web browser on Mac or PC on your network. They are also presented in Word and PDF format for printing.

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