Show your commitment to education


At Edukits and Eduworldz we are offering the opportunity for you to invest in the future of our society.

We believe that all of our resources are of necessity for all schools and thousands of teachers have seen the same by purchasing one or more of our kits or books or brought their school into one of our nation-wide projects.

Successive governments have been approached to help fund these resources but none have been willing to commit despite various ministers seeing and applauding the benefits we have produced.

At present, teachers and schools purchase using personal funds or their schools Operations Grant. We keep our prices low so more can benefit from using us but would it not be better for schools if these resources, not supplied by governments or anyone else, were free? Here is where you can help.

Your Opportunity

We would like to offer philanthropic individuals and companies the opportunity to sponsor schools or resource packages and have your name or branding as the provider of one or more kit sent to a school or circulated to a group or all schools in the country (or adapted for your country if outside NZ).

Below are just a few ideas on how you could get involved. Send us an email with your proposal on how you would like to be a part and we will consider and enter into communications with you and how we can make a difference together.


Sponsor a school ...

On a small scale, you could pay for a school or group of schools to receive one or more of our resources.

This can be done anonymously or with your name/band on the resource(s) you wish the school(s) to have.


Your company/group sponsor ...

On a larger scale, your company or name could be branded on a resource, project or book for a fee and this can then be offered for free for all schools/teachers to download with your name as the supplier/sponsor.


Purchase the rights to copy and distribute ...

You could purchase a resource from us and take the rights to brand, copy and distribute it yourself or translate for use in NZ or any other country.

We are open to negotiate more ownership rights on purchase of resources.

Enquire Now ...

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Purchase an advertising space.

You may purchase an advertising space for the footer area of any page. Each page will only have either one row of 3 columns of avertising space or one row of one banner advert. You must puchase the size required (from the links below) and then supply us with an image (500px wide x 200 for the 3 column option; x 1500px wide x 300 for a banner), the URL you wish this image to be linked to and the title of the Edukits page you would like it on. We have the right to refuse links or images we deem as inappropriate. All prices are in NZ dollars and for 3 months advertising.

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