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The Best Education Kits for schools delivered on USB

Select from our large range of educational resources and have them delivered on a USB for you to keep ...

Bullying and Behaviour

This Kit will provide your school with guidelines to help eliminate all forms of bullying from within your grounds and within your local community.

These guidelines are provided on a USB flash-drive so that you may read, copy and print all the strategies for distribution among your staff and for use within your school.

Including: Peer 'Bully Mediation' system, student involvement, dealing with phone & cyber bullying without banning mobile phones and devices from your school, Student guidelines on how to deal with and safely report bullying, eliminate gang-mentality, catching the bullies plus extras: Excel sheets, reporting, permission cards, posters and more.

Effective teaching & harnessing student attention, communication skills, dealing with misbehaviour and threats, enriching the learning environment and involving the students.

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Literacy and Numeracy

• Guide to Basic Maths: Ten, Units, Hundreds, Thousands; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and times tables, Division and long division; Decimal Mathematics; money and getting the right change; Fractions and percentages; Roman numerals; Telling the time and more.

• Guide to Basic English: The Alphabet - Capitals and lower-case; Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Irregular verbs, Contractions and Prepositions; Singular, Plural, Tenses; Sentences, paragraphs and punctuation; question words - asking and answering questions; Describing things; Talking about Quantities; Clauses; Words used in many ways; Talking about numbers, days, months and times; Reading comprehension.

Just NZ$39 incl postage - ORDER NOW or ....

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