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The Best Education Kits for schools delivered straight to your computer

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Teacher Mentoring Pack

This NZ designed resource provides guidelines for schools on mentoring between teachers and staff to increase teacher retention and enhance faculty cooperation and team-work.

The guidelines on the Teachers Mentor Resource pack include:

  • Developing a "new teacher" induction and orientation programme.
  • Creating a mentoring environment and network within your school and in cooperation with other schools.
  • How to act as a mentor.
  • How to work with your mentor.
  • Team building and cooperation.
  • Methods to maintain, increase and monitor quality teaching.
  • Overcoming and dealing with problematic classroom situations.

Other Teachers Resources also on this pack ...

  • Enhancing communication skills.
  • Time Management.
  • Creating an effective learning environment on your class.
  • Overcoming stress and using it to your advantage.
  • Enhancing and developing leadership skills.
  • Establishing goal setting and planning skills.
  • Excel templates for time and class management.

All topics are provided in Microsoft Word, PDF and web browser formats for ease of viewing and printing from any operating system for all your teachers.

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... and you will be sent the file by email today! (plus a link to download in your own time)

Bullying and Behaviour

This Kit will provide your school with guidelines to help eliminate all forms of bullying from within your grounds and within your local community.

These guidelines are provided straight to your computer so that you may read, copy and print all the strategies for distribution among your staff and for use within your school.

Including: Peer 'Bully Mediation' system, student involvement, dealing with phone & cyber bullying without banning mobile phones and devices from your school, Student guidelines on how to deal with and safely report bullying, eliminate gang-mentality, catching the bullies plus extras: Excel sheets, reporting, permission cards, posters and more.

Effective teaching & harnessing student attention, communication skills, dealing with misbehaviour and threats, enriching the learning environment and involving the students.

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... and you will be sent the file by email today!

Literacy and Numeracy

This Kit is delivered to you by email or on a download link (depending on your internet-accessability) and provides you with the basics of Mathematics and English for your students. Made in NZ for NZ schools.

Suitable for all levels of teaching, primary to secondary.

• Guide to Basic Maths: Ten, Units, Hundreds, Thousands; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and times tables, Division and long division; Decimal Mathematics; money and getting the right change; Fractions and percentages; Roman numerals; Telling the time and more.

• Guide to Basic English: The Alphabet - Capitals and lower-case; Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Irregular verbs, Contractions and Prepositions; Singular, Plural, Tenses; Sentences, paragraphs and punctuation; question words - asking and answering questions; Describing things; Talking about Quantities; Clauses; Words used in many ways; Talking about numbers, days, months and times; Reading comprehension.


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Truancy Pack

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and use of all resoruces for combating truacy in your school, increasing attendance and also setting up a truant-free zone in your community. You will be sent the file in zipped format to the email you use on your paid order. Included in the pack for ONLY NZ$9.99...

Information sheets for schools to give to local shop owners to assist in combating truancy so that students will not be served in shops during school hours and reported. These are to be used in conjunction with the shop posters below to create a Truant-Free-Zone in your local shopping area.

Shop posters that you can print for yourself and use with the above retailer information sheet for your Truant-Free-Zone and Guidelines on how to set up a Truant-Free-Zone in your community

Posters for in the school.

"Parent Declaration of Commitment" to the Attendance of their children at your school. To be given to all parents/caregivers to sign to ensure they understand the law (with special references to sections 25, 29 and 31 of the Education Act 1989 - view the Act at: and your school's policy on their responsibility to ensure the attendance of their children at your school. The signing of this document would also make it easier to enforce (in particular) Section 29 of the Education Act 1989.

Authorised permission slips to be used for all absenteeisms.

Guidelines of suggested procedures for teachers, staff and Attendance Officer to follow on noting non-attendance.

How to identify students who may become potential truants and how to prevent this from happening and guideline sheets for students on how to set goals and avoid peer pressure.

How to enrich the total learning experience to ensure students desire to be at school.

"E-Think" by download

"The resource to teach about our environment and much more"

The contents of this kit, divided into three sections of learning levels: Primary, Intermediate and Secondary, are designed to help you teach students of all ages the importance of protecting our environment and developing a healthy life-style.

All resoruces supplied in one file sent to you, as soon as we see your payment, by email and also on a link for you to download. Included in the pack for
Just NZ$29 incl GST...

Topics covered include:

The current state of our environment.
What is global warming? An unbiased look at all aspects.
The Kyoto Protocol: What it means in plain English for Primary to Secondary students.
ETS - The Emission Trading Scheme: An unbiased look at what it is all about and what it means to you in plain English for Primary to Secondary students. 
Environmental Protection: What it means and how you can help.
Sustainability: A big word...what it means to you and I.
The importance of plants and trees.
Natures' balance.
The dangers to wildlife and their protection (plus links to many NZ wildlife websites).
The Weather: How it works, how is it changing, plus how to monitor it.
Water: Where it comes from and how it is used.
Pollution and Waste: What it is, how it affects the planet and our lives, and what you can do to reduce it.
Alternative Energy: The choices for our future and inventors you could learn from to create a brighter future yourself.
Healthy living: What it means and how you can have a healthy life-style.
A guide to growing your own food and making compost (ideas for the school and home).
Links to websites from around the world and New Zealand on the environment, healthy living and inventions that could help your future planet.
All teachers guides and student lessons are displayed from any web browser and are available to be printed in Word and PDF formats. Most topics are also covered in PowerPoint presentations for class viewing and discussion.


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