Page Examples - Literacy and Numeracy

Here you will find a few example pages from our Literacy and Numeracy pack all contained on a USB Flash drive. Also included but not shown due to their ability to be copied, are worksheets, lesson plans and other work-through pages. Teaching adding to algebra; time to calendars and alphabet to grammar:

Basic Maths - a few examples


Understanding the structure of numbers


Breaking numbers and the components of calculations into understandable and manageable block to make mathematics easier

Daily Life

Examples of where numbers come into our lives and ways in which we can use easy methods of maths to help us.

Basic English - a few examples


The order of the alphabet and how to use order in life.


Learning to sort words to assist in spelling and locating information in dictionaries, libraries and search engines.


Learn as they go and let the student find the answers for themselves or us on a screen projector for the class.

These are just a few screen shots of interacting pages that are used for everything from adding to algebra and the alphabet to grammar and sentence structure. Lesson plan examples and the full sheets cannot be shown as these are easy to copy but needless to say you pack comes with pages and resources for all ages.