Schools Against Violence in New Zealand

The people of New Zealand were shaken by the extreme act of violence of the attack in Christchurch this year. The sadness and shock, outrage against the perpetrator, sense of grief for the victims and the concern for the survivors and families of those killed was unprecedented in this generation. We hope that this sort of thing will never be repeated but as an act of violence, it is at the extreme end of the spectrum.

Violence occurs every day in homes, schools and in the community. Many forms of violence like atrocity, murders and attacks are noticeable as they are covered by the media. More forms of violence happens behind closed doors but still affects many lives and are just as important to be addressed. No act of violence can be tolerated and it is time to work together to stop it.

Not only that but "violence" can take many forms and definitions. In this project, we define it as any type of assault against a persons well-being or enjoyment of life. This includes but is not limited to things like bullying, neglect, mistreatment, psychological oppression and all forms of physical and emotional injury or trauma brought about by the actions of another person or group.


Why "Schools Against Violence"?

Schools should always be a place in which everyone feels safe, both the student and the teacher. Most already are but adding a few procedures does not hurt if it means we can all make a difference. Most of a child's life (and the teachers) is spent at home or at school. This makes the school a very important part of the community. Not just as a place for education but an environment that has a great impact on mental, physical and emotional development.

For this reason, schools are a microcosm of society and should be recognised as the second most important institution of life after the family. Therefore it is here, as a unit of multicultural representation, that the stand must be made to ensure that violence of all forms is unacceptable within its boundaries and society as a whole. This is not about teaching another subject or stretching a schools resources even more but about establishing a cohesive ethos that will make a positive difference in everyone's lives that are a part of the school and have this same attitude permeate our society as school members go out into the world.

Show your schools commitment to this effort to eliminate violence and join SAVINZ (Schools Against Violence In New Zealand) today. As a member you will receive a pack of resources supplied as a file to be downloaded. The guidelines and information in this pack may be copied and distributed throughout your school so everyone gets involved.

Most teachers are not qualified psychologists or counselors but we are all in a position to observe and assist people we know that could be in harms way. It is the schools responsibility, as are all workplaces, to ensure the safety of the people within its grounds but with your membership pack you will be shown how you can create a caring environment and an incubator for a peaceful and cohesive society.

We can not look to and rely only on the Government, Police and Justice system to eliminate these problems without making a stand and taking action ourselves. Schools are a vital and central part in our community and the training ground for all our children. It is here that we can all help.

Some of the issues that will be addressed in your pack and guidelines that will be supplied will include:

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