SDL Pack

Self Directed Learning

Self Directed Learning and Education Pack

SDL = Self Directed Learning. Provided in one pack filled with resources (in one simple download), the SDL Pack is ideal for students of all ages to develop skills to learn by themselves and continue their own education outside of school.

This is ideal for students as they are studying from home. You can send the files out to them or make them available on your school network for students to access.

Many parents assume the teacher should teach every aspect of life to their children but in reality, individuals need room to grow and learn some things for themselves.

This pack is designed for students to use by themselves or under direction from a teacher or as part of discussion. It supplies teachers notes plus a file of documents you can store on your schools internal network for all to access or copy off and distribute how you like throughout your own school. You can't do that with a textbook.

In addition to this, a copy all the student pages are also in a separate folder to make it easier to take this section out of the main kit and provide it as a stand-alone tool for your students to access via its own index page (working as its own website from wherever you wish to make it accessible).

Basically these guides help students learn how to study, find their best and fastest learning style, do homework, get on with others, set goals and more.

The Internet Library in this pack, providing links to topic covering most school subjects, has been double checked and updated for links as at March 30th 2020.

Topics covered are:

Additional resources:

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