Curriculum Values & More

Helping Schools and Students develop values systems

Developing a set of values is an important part of life and without guidance it can be easy for kids to accept antisocial behaviour as normal. It's not about creating robots that all think the same but about why we should accept some things and not accept others. It's about developing integrity and becoming a person that acts when they see injustice or getting on with a job that needs doing.

Hatred can lead to violence but empathy can lead to understanding and unity. This guide on the curriculum values will show how you can help students develop their own set of values as individuals without a great deal of effort from teachers.

This "Curriculum Values & More" kit includes several resources that will help towards giving students and teachers all that is needed to make developing beneficial values a day of life. It also include guides on the curriculum values plus a "Reference and Research Library" with links on many subjects to internet resources and a FULL copy of the "ARDENT personal Development Programme" for goal setting, life studies and planning for study and the future.

"Teachers are encouraged to develop learning experiences that provide students with opportunities to learn about values and develop value-related capabilities." (Ministry of Education). This kit of guides shows you how.

They will be shown what each of the values mean, how they relate to each other and society and how they can adapt these elements into their personal values system, their learning habits and everyday situations.

Learning subjects is one thing, learning to live is another but both can easily be combined with these guidelines.

Suitable for all levels of teaching, primary to secondary.

Some guidelines in the download file include:

All notes on these subjects in the kit and are in HTML, Microsoft Word format and PDF (for viewing from any system - PC or Mac or handheld) to make printing and using easier for your staff at work or at home.

Slideshow of just a few of the pages

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